Tanzanite Prices on the Rise

The price of Tanzanite has increased by 30 - 40% over the last year since Tucson 2011. In fact, Tanzanite prices have reached some of the highest levels since 2001-2002. Industry experts explain the rise in prices as due to a number of factors including:

  • Increased demand from China and other growing economies
  • Increased interest in non-traditional investments like Tanzanite with a decline in traditional stocks and currencies
  • Decreased supply from the source from Tanzania such as Tsavorite and Spinel

In recent years, China and other countries in the Far East have flourished economically due to increases in trade with the US and European nations. As a result, a greater proportion of individuals have become major consumers of Tanzanite. The sheer volume of consumers and demand created by them has been a major influence on the price increase.

Economic volatility in the United States has driven traditional investors away from the stock market and into new frontiers like gemstones and Gold which have both been considered a hedge against the market. Due to this increased interest, the prices of Gold and Diamonds have reached astonishingly high levels which led to a growing ripple effect across all highly sought after gemstones like Tanzanite.

The most overlooked factor that has influenced the soaring price of Tanzanite is the extreme rarity and exotic nature of this gemstone. Tanzanite comes from only one mine in the world which is only 1 square mile large. Tanzanite production has been fairly consistent for the past ten years. The quantities of Tanzanite being produced has not increased over the years but more importantly, it has not decreased over time. This fact gives suppliers confidence in advertising and promising a particular stone which in the past few years has paid rich dividends in this time of increased demand.


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